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Experience the future of finance with FINNEX, the leading-edge super app platform that empowers you to explore the exciting world of decentralized finance like never before. Seamlessly combining lending and borrowing, CFD trading, NFTs, GameFi, and trading bots, FINNEX puts all the tools you need in one place, making your financial journey smooth, efficient, and rewarding.



Earn Up to 1.5% Interest Daily.

Earn daily interest on USDT, USDC, ETH, and other popular digital assets. Top up and start growing your wealth automatically without having to do anything yourself.



Borrow Against Your Digital Assets.

Get liquidity against your crypto instantly. Receive FINNEX stablecoin to grow your portfolio and trade on our Partners platforms.


CFD Trading

Dive into the dynamic world of CFD trading on ourpartner’s platform. Access traditional and digital asset markets, utilize leveraged positions, and take advantage of market fluctuations to amplify your profits.



Unleash the value of digital collectibles and discover a diverse collection of unique and valuable NFTs.



Experience the thrilling world of GameFi, where blockchain-based gaming meets decentralized finance.


Trading Bots

Maximize your trading efficiency with our advanced trading bots. Let automation do the work for you, implementing your chosen strategies and executing trades with precision.


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Connect your wallet and deposit popular digital assets



Swap assets to FUSDT, our platform Stablecoin



Lend FUSDT for a fixed contract period of 10 days up to a 1.5% daily!



Receive 0.5% base interest daily. Compound your interest to make it grow exponentially



Earn additional 0.1% loyalty bonus interest everytime your loan recontracts

Bring Your Friends and Earn Rewards

Introduce your friends to the world of lending and get unlimited referral rewards.


Grow with Your Community

Earn FINNEX Global Profits by joining Our Community Expansion Programme. Make money every time your community earns interest.


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User-Friendly Interface


Competitive Rates


Transparent and Secure

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Finnex?

FINNEX is a leading decentralized finance platform that empowers individuals to take control of their financial destinies. It offers innovative financial solutions, including lending and borrowing protocols, to create a more inclusive and accessible financial ecosystem.

How does FINNEX work?

FINNEX operates on blockchain technology, utilizing smart contracts to automate and streamline lending and borrowing processes. Users can participate in the platform by depositing cryptocurrencies and earning interest on their holdings or accessing loans with attractive terms.

Is FINNEX a regulated platform?

Yes, FINNEX operates under a comprehensive DLT license granted by the esteemed Government of Dubai. This license ensures regulatory oversight and demonstrates the platform's commitment to user protection and compliance.

What cryptocurrencies are supported on FINNEX?

FINNEX supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including popular options like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other major digital assets.

How can I create an account on FINNEX?

To create an account on FINNEX, simply visit and follow the registration process. You will need to provide basic information and most importantly bind a non-exchange wallet address.

What are the fees for using FINNEX's services?

FINNEX aims to maintain competitive and transparent fee structures. Specific fees may vary depending on the services utilized, and you can find more detailed information within the dAPP.

How long does it take to process withdrawals on FINNEX?

Withdrawal processing times can vary based on various factors, including blockchain network congestion and security verifications. Generally, we strive to process withdrawals as swiftly as possible to ensure a smooth user experience.

Does FINNEX offer customer support? How can I contact them?

Yes, FINNEX provides dedicated customer support to assist users with any inquiries or issues. You can reach our support team through various channels, such as email or within the dAPP itself.

Why can’t I perform lending?

One of the reasons could be that you do not have enough BNB as gas in your wallet. Another reason could be your wallet is not on BNB Smart Chain

Why can’t I claim?

One reason could be you do not have enough BNB in your wallet to pay for gas.

Why don’t I see ROI daily?

It is due to you being on Auto-compound mode.

Why can’t I see my yield claims?

You may check to see yield claim history if you have paid for the gas fees.

How come I don’t see FUSDT in my dashboard but FUSDT is available in my Metamask/TP/Trust wallet?

You didn’t connect your wallet.

Why did I fail to convert my USDT to FUSDT?

It is due to insufficient or no BNB.

Why can’t I unlend?

You did a top up during the cycle and it automatically locks you in for the next lending cycle.

What is Active lending?

It is the current active lending amount in cycle.

What is Next Cycle Group Sales?

It refers to upcoming sales. The amount might fluctuate as lenders have the choice to top up/ unlend.

What is Null address?

Null addresses = 0 contract terms. It is a dead contract that is used to mint fusdt.

The reason why we do this is for cross chain conversion. For example, when someone deposits BTC into FINNEX using bitcoin network, FINNEX will validate and mint the value of the bitcoin into FUSDT on BSC. That explains why sometimes they see null addresses with amount that were not swapped from usdt to fusdt because they convert using btc/ eth into fusdt and all these are not done in bsc chain that's why not shown in bsc.

What i will receive when i invite my friends?

Do check out our Community Building incentives here

How do I transfer FUSDT to other wallets?

You can add the FUSDT token contract 0x4CE851531588C431add986BFF371312d4850211E to your wallet in order to send fusdt to other wallets.

How does borrowing work on FINNEX?

Similarly to our lending, borrowing functions on a short term of 10 days. You can put up collateral such as BTC or ETH to receive up to 70% in stablecoin. You will pay 3 % daily interest.

Why would people do borrowing on FINNEX?

Unlike banks or money lenders, FINNEX operates on the blockchain and cuts through the red tape to ensure that everyone is able to access the funds that they require and to fulfil their dreams.

Also, with the upcoming CFD trading feature, you can gain up to 10x leverage on our trading platform when you borrow from us. We also do not require substantial KYC, lowering the barriers to entry for CFD trading.

Our Bot Trading feature that will be released in Q4 will allow users to rent at a preferential rate through borrowing to make more profits.

These creates an ecosystem to ensure that our borrowers has higher benefits than our normal users.